Artist Statement

One of my work's primary concerns is pushing painting into the open-ended existence enjoyed by objects. The aim is to liberate painting from its fixed state, and at the same time to use painting’s power to expand our experience of the 3-dimensional “real world.”  I believe in making tactile and open-ended objects that can freely cross back and forth between being an objet d’art and being a functional part of the “real world.” Whether they are paintings or sculptures, I want the objects I make to be truly autonomous objects; I want them to be open to possibilities beyond my authorial intentions and control; I want them to be generous and democratic in their relationship to the world. My goal is not to achieve a finite moment of visual perfection but rather to create a starting point for continued expansion and exploration. Constructivism offers a model for art that is at once daffily conceptual and rigorously formal. It’s the same combination of clear-eyed criticality and cockeyed optimism that drives my belief in form’s transformational engagement with everyday life.

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